Old Navy Summer 2015 Campaign

Summer 2015 was all about wanderlust and the feeling of firsts. It's sticky fingers from a popsicle melted by the hottest day, and heat that stays with you long into the night. It's the rush of adrenaline as you hop the fence to your neighbor's pool, and the goose bumps as you jump right in. To choose summer is to drop everything and feel it. The result: totally transformative. We wanted to find bold, new ways to make summer at Old Navy the place to be.

Partnering with a Creative Director, we took inspiration from the product design team as to what "Wanderlust" could look like for Old Navy Marketing. Concept, naming, visual treatment and guidelines, photography direction were all part of the process. I also lead the flagship store window displays as well, taking what I had provided as the visual guidelines and transforming it into a three-dimensional experience for the San Francisco, New York, and Chicago stores.

Creative direction: Leigh Harman
Art direction: Kelly Zerbe
Old Navy Marketing